About Us

Pestil, which is a thousands of years old traditional Anatolian taste, has been carried by families devotedly to this day by boiling it in their own mulberry cauldrons. As people got to know the Pestil, their demand for this delicious taste increased day by day. As Tatbil Pestil, we produce Pestil from our Gümüshane region in our integrated facility under modern and hygienic conditions and offer it to both Turkey and the whole world.


Emirhan Cleaning Food Industry and Trade Limited Company developed the Pestil and kome production, which it started with the Gümüşay Pestil brand in 2004, by purchasing the Tatbil brand in 2010, and increased its production capacity by moving to its factory in Gümüşhane Organized Industrial Zone. Expanding its activities in fully hygienic integrated facilities with high production capacity, the Tatbil brand has become one of the leading brands in the sector in the national and international markets. Emirhan Cleaning Food Industry and Trade Limited Company, which has adopted the principle of quality products and customer satisfaction since the first day of production, currently offers the traditional Gümüşhane flavor pestil - köme - Tatbil dessert - amulet - Çokopestil - Sarma products under the TATBIL PESTIL brand in a total area of 5500 m2 offers it to your liking. Tatbul Pestil has the necessary quality and permit certificates from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. It also provides wholesale and retail services in its sales store located at 12km from İkisu Village on the Gümüshane-Trabzon highway.

History of Pestil

Pestil is one of the unique flavors of the Gümüşhane region in our culture. However, the origins of Pestil and Pestil go back centuries. It has its roots in the Latin word known as "pestilla", and has been derived from pestil in various languages ​​as the name of a dessert. Mulberry, one of the most beautiful fruits of summer, is indispensable for making Pestil. It was first mentioned in written form in Ottoman documents in the 1500s.. Evliya Celebi, one of the oldest known traveller in Anatolia, also mentioned Pestil in her Travelogue. It is thought to have existed much earlier than written sources.

How is the production of Pestil?

Gümüshane Pestil has been perfected with years of knowledge and experience of the local people and is decorated with nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts, which are very beneficial to human health.The making process of the pulp begins with wheat flour added to boiling water.Even though it is added to ingredients such as honey, milk and granulated sugar, mulberry molasses provides the unique flavor that comes to mind when Gümüşhane Pestil is mentioned. It continues to boil until it reaches the consistency. The name of this mixture is called Herle. Herle is laid on high quality fabrics to obtain a layer of the desired thickness. The drying process is carried out for one day at the ideal temperature of 55 degrees. After cooling, the fabric is peeled off and the cutting phase begins. Various varieties, each more delicious than the other, such as plain mulberry Pestil, hazelnut Pestil, walnut Pestil, and kadayifli wrap, are produced using cut Pestil. Before it becomes the centerpiece of your table, Tatbil is packaged untouched in our facilities and prepared for its journey. It reaches you protected from external factors during shipping.

How should Pestil be stored?

Pestil is long-lasting due to the natural ingredients it contains. However, after opening and consuming the packages, they should be covered to prevent them from drying out. It should not be exposed to sunlight.

Tatbil Difference in Pestil Types

Since our establishment in 2004, we, as Tatbil, have been carrying out our production activities by adopting high quality and naturalness. Our mission is to introduce the taste unique to Gümüshane region to our country and the world and to work for the satisfaction of our customers. We do not forget those days when we grew up with Pestil and the local people came together and produced Pestil in cooperation, and we offer the same quality and content in our high-capacity facilities. We prepare our Pestil, Köme and molasses varieties from Gümüshane region upon your request. We know that you will enjoy consuming our food products, which you can order whenever you want with the Tatbil difference, and we prepare each of them as if we were going to bring them to our family tables.