Pestil Dessert (KG)

Pestil Dessert (KG)

Pestil Dessert (KG)

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Pestil Dessert 

Tatbil honey, one of the most special products of our company, will leave a completely different taste on your palate with the honey that meets the unique aroma of hazelnut paste in its roll. The energising effect of Giresun hazelnuts and the resistance to the body thanks to the mulberry molasses in the pestil prepared with devotion are just one of the features that make Gümüşhane honeycomb unique. Every type of pestil from the Gümüşhane region is delicious, but Tatbil honey will be your new favourite snack.

How to Prepare Pestil Dessert?

The production of our speciality product Gumushane honey starts with pestil. Add wheat flour into the boiling water and mix. Then add honey, milk, granulated sugar and, most importantly, Gümüşhane mulberry molasses to this mixture. Mix gently to avoid lumps. This mixture, which is expected to reach a consistency to be laid on fabrics, is called herle. Herle is laid in a thickness suitable for Tatbil honey and baked in the oven. It turns into pestil after drying in the oven for a day. Remove from the oven and cut after cooling. Spread hazelnut paste on it and roll it into a roll. As its name suggests, it is dipped in honey and specially selected pieces of Giresun hazelnut are added on top.