Çoko / Antep Pistachio (KG)

Çoko / Antep Pistachio (KG)

Çoko / Antep Pistachio (KG)

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Antep Pistachio Çoko

Antep Pistachio Çoko is a food that brings together the abundant energizing flavors it contains and combines them in a unique taste feast. It originates from the Gümüşhane region and is a very nutritious and satisfying snack, as well as being healthy. It can be consumed at any time of the day and is also a perfect dessert option with tea and coffee.


How to Make Antep Pistachio Çoko?

Making Antep Pistachio Çoko, which is very rich in terms of content, starts with the preparation of hazelnut paste. Gümüşhane mulberry molasses, honey, sugar and water are boiled together and the dates are covered with the herle and given a round shape. Pestil is completely covered with honey and mulberry molasses. At the last stage, the balls filled with hazelnut paste are covered with pistachios and ready for consumption


Pistachio Çoko with Tatbil Difference

Tatbil is a company that has been bringing together the local flavors of Gümüşhane and presenting them to you since the day it was founded. The product is specifically selected as an ingredient and flavors produced with the Gümüşhane distinction, such as mulberry molasses, are preferred. All stages of production are carried out with great care and attention and packaged in a way to protect it from external factors before it is shipped.