Muska / Kadayifli / Molasses (KG) (Glucose Free)

Muska / Kadayifli / Molasses (KG) (Glucose Free)

Muska / Kadayifli / Molasses (KG) (Glucose Free)

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Muska / Kadayifli / Molasses

Muska pestil, which is triangular in shape and has a muska appearance in Anatolian culture, offers you a unique flavour with honey and hazelnut paste inside and kadayıf on the outer surface. Kadayıflı Muska with plenty of molasses will be a healthy snack choice for you.  It is good for anaemia, gives high energy and helps you maintain your health due to its naturalness.

How to Make Muska / Kadayifli / Molasses?

First of all, the Pestil must be made. Gümüshane mulberry molasses is turned into 'Şıra' by boiling in cauldron with water, honey and sugar.  The flour and milk to be added should be added carefully to avoid lumps. The resulting mixture is called Herle. It is kept waiting and then the laying process is started. With this process, the Pestil is prepared.  For the Muska / Kadayifli / Molasses, it is carefully cut and honey and selected hazelnuts are added generously before wrapping. Spread a lot of Kadayif on the outer surface.


Muska / Kadayifli / Molasses with a Tatbil Difference

Tatbil, which brings the best flavors of Gümüshane region to your table, carefully packages the Muska / Kadayifli / Molasses prepared upon your orders and preserves its long life. You should keep it covered to prevent it from drying out. You will understand the taste of Muska pestil with the best Tatbil difference.