Plain Pestil with Molasses (KG) (Glucose Free)

Plain Pestil with Molasses (KG) (Glucose Free)

Plain Pestil with Molasses (KG) (Glucose Free)

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Plain Pestil with Molasses 

Plain Pestil with Molasses, which is as good as any form of pestil from Gümüşhane region, is a healthy snack due to its abundant vitamins and minerals. Pestil is a candidate to be one of the favourite desserts for all age ranges from seven to seventy. Gümüşhane Plain Pestil with Molasses   is a high energy store and is good for various ailments.

 How to Make Plain Pestil with Molasses?

When Gümüşhane mulberry molasses, wheat flour, milk and sugar come together with water, they form a mixture called herle. This mixture should be stirred carefully to avoid lumps.  When the herle reaches the ideal consistency, it is laid on the fabrics. It is then dried in ovens at the appropriate temperature for a day. Gumushane Plain Pestil with Molasses  from the oven is cooled and cut.

Plain Pestil with Molasses with Tatbil Difference

Each of our products goes through the production stages with our professional team, without compromising Tatbil quality. Plain Pestil with Molasses, which is prepared and produced in line with your demands in our highly sterile and hygienic facilities, is carefully packaged before reaching you. In this way, it will not be exposed to any external factors during the cargo phase and the first hand that touches it will belong to you.